What Speakers are in the Toyota Yaris (5 Door)? Car Sound System Specs

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Yaris Audio Evolution

Toyota Yaris 5 Door Audio System

Toyota Yaris 5 Door Audio System

Toyota Yaris 5-Door Audio Systems from 1999 to Present

Toyota Yaris, globally recognized for its efficiency and compact nature, has evolved significantly since its introduction in 1999. An integral part of this evolution has been its audio system, which has seen improvements both in terms of functionality and the overall audio experience. Here’s a detailed look at the audio systems across eight generations of the Toyota Yaris 5-Door from 1999 to the present.

1. 1999-2005: First Generation

Overview: The first generation of the Toyota Yaris marked Toyota’s entrance into the supermini sector. With a simple yet functional design, it aimed to cater to young drivers and urban commuters.

Audio System: Initially, the audio system was quite basic. It featured:

An AM/FM Radio

Cassette player (which indicates the era)

Four speakers with decent output

Optional CD player in some trims

The sound quality was clear for the segment, but lacked advanced features and capabilities of the modern systems.

2. 2005-2011: Second Generation

Overview: Building on its initial success, the second-generation Yaris saw improvements in terms of space, safety, and technology.

Audio System: The audio system got an upgrade with:

Standard CD player replacing the cassette player

MP3 playback capability

Aux input for portable music players

Available steering wheel audio controls for easier access

This period marked the end of the cassette era and embraced digital audio formats.

3. 2011-2014: Third Generation

Overview: This generation introduced a more dynamic design and improved interior quality, making the car more appealing to a broader audience.

Audio System: Reflecting the tech advancements of the time, the audio system included:

USB connectivity

Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming

Six-speaker system in some trims, offering better sound quality

Touchscreen interface in higher trims, making controls more intuitive

4. 2014-2017: Refreshed Third Generation

Overview: While it remained largely similar to its predecessor, this refreshed version focused on enhancing the user experience.

Audio System: This period saw:

Improved Bluetooth connectivity

Enhanced voice recognition

Integration with smartphone apps, allowing access to various apps from the touchscreen

It was during this time that infotainment systems became more intertwined with smartphones, paving the way for further advancements.

5. 2017-2020: Fourth Generation

Overview: With a focus on safety, comfort, and tech, this generation brought significant changes.

Audio System: Key features included:

Larger touchscreen displays with clearer resolutions

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration

Enhanced sound quality with available premium speaker options

Satellite radio in selected models

The focus was now on seamless integration with smartphones, providing drivers with a holistic infotainment experience.

6. 2020-2022: Fifth Generation

Overview: This generation combined practicality with advanced tech features, making it a favorite among urban drivers.

Audio System: The Yaris adopted a more advanced system that featured:

Digital radio as a standard

Multiple USB ports for front and rear passengers

Advanced voice recognition with more natural language understanding

Premium sound system options with refined acoustics

7. 2022-Present: Sixth Generation

Overview: While still early in its life cycle, the latest generation emphasizes electrification and cutting-edge tech.

Audio System: It’s expected to see:

Enhanced sound isolation for a more immersive audio experience

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud-based infotainment options

Integration with smart home devices, allowing control of home systems from the car

The latest Yaris audio system aims to be more than just an in-car entertainment system; it seeks to be an integrated part of the driver’s digital life.


The journey of the Toyota Yaris 5-Door audio system is a testament to the rapid evolution of automotive tech. From basic cassette players to advanced cloud-connected infotainment systems, the Yaris has embraced the changing times, ensuring its drivers always have the best in-car audio experience. As technology continues to progress, one can only imagine what the future holds for the Yaris and its audio capabilities.


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