What Speakers are in the Toyota Auris (5 Door)? Car Sound System Specs

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Auris Audio Evolution

Toyota Auris 5 Door Audio System

Toyota Auris 5 Door Audio System

Toyota Auris 5 Doors: Tracing the Evolution of Its Audio Systems (2006 to Present)

Since its inception, the Toyota Auris has been an emblem of practicality, blending the reliability Toyota is known for with the compact design suited for urban driving. One area that has witnessed remarkable upgrades over the years is its in-car audio system. Let’s trace the development of audio systems in the Toyota Auris 5 Doors, from its initial launch in 2006 to the present day.

1. 2006-2010: First Generation Toyota Auris Audio System

When the Toyota Auris was first introduced in 2006, replacing the Toyota Corolla hatchback in Europe, it featured a relatively straightforward audio system, embodying the no-nonsense approach of early 2000s vehicles.


Standard AM/FM radio tuner.

Single-disc CD player with MP3 playback capability.

AUX input for portable media devices.

Four to six speakers, depending on the trim.

Optional Bluetooth connectivity in higher trims.

Despite its simplicity, the audio system delivered clear sound. However, it lacked advanced features like touchscreen displays or integrated apps which were yet to become mainstream.

2. 2010-2012: First Generation Facelift Audio Enhancements

The first facelift of the Toyota Auris in 2010 brought subtle improvements to the audio system. The brand was beginning to embrace emerging technological trends.


The introduction of a multi-function display (non-touchscreen).

Enhanced Bluetooth functionality for hands-free calls and music streaming.

USB port added, complementing the AUX input.

Improved speaker quality and sound insulation for a better audio experience.

The focus during this period was improving user-friendliness while ensuring the audio system remained uncomplicated.

3. 2012-2018: Second Generation Advanced Multimedia

The second-generation Toyota Auris, launched in 2012, came with substantial changes. This generation recognized the need for connectivity and integration of personal devices.


A touchscreen multimedia system was standard in many trims.

Introduction of Toyota’s Touch & Go navigation system.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) became available.

Six speakers as standard, with higher trims offering a premium sound experience.

Advanced voice recognition for safer, hands-free operations.

During this era, the Auris made a significant leap, moving closer to the more connected, interactive infotainment systems that drivers began to expect.

4. 2018-2019: Transitioning to Toyota Corolla

Interestingly, Toyota decided to drop the Auris name in 2018, reverting to the globally recognized Corolla name. This change wasn’t just in name; the audio system also saw a marked upgrade.


Introduction of Toyota’s Touch 2 multimedia system.

Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto became standard.

Enhanced DAB with more stations and better reception.

Available premium sound system with JBL speakers in higher trims.

More intuitive voice recognition.

5. 2019-Present: Cutting-Edge Connectivity

As we approach the present, the Toyota Corolla (previously Auris) continues to adapt and incorporate state-of-the-art technology.


Larger touchscreen displays with sharper resolution.

Over-the-air updates for the multimedia system.

Integration of various apps, including streaming services like Spotify.

Enhanced sound insulation and advanced speaker design for a cinematic audio experience.

Advanced driver-assistance systems integrated with the audio system for safety alerts.

The present-day system embodies the culmination of Toyota’s efforts, providing an immersive and connected audio experience while driving.


From its humble beginnings in 2006 with basic CD players and AM/FM radios to the cutting-edge systems of today, the Toyota Auris (and later Corolla) has shown how in-car entertainment has evolved over the years. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds, it’s exciting to anticipate what the future holds for in-car audio systems in the Toyota lineup. Whether you’re reminiscing about the past or looking forward to the innovations of tomorrow, one thing is clear: the journey of the Toyota Auris’s audio system mirrors our own journey in the age of digital connectivity.


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