What Speakers Does Toyota Hilux Use? Car Sound System Specs

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Hilux Audio Evolution 2011-Pres

Toyota Hilux Audio System (1)

Toyota Hilux Audio System (1)

Toyota Hilux Double Cab Audio Systems (2011-Present)

The Toyota Hilux has always been synonymous with rugged reliability, often hailed as an indestructible workhorse. However, just because it’s built tough doesn’t mean it skips out on interior comforts and technology. A key component of this interior technology is the audio system. In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of the audio systems in the Toyota Hilux Double Cab models from 2011 to the present.

1. 2011-2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab

The 2011-2015 era marked a transition period for Toyota, as they began focusing more on in-cabin technologies to complement their sturdy vehicles.

Audio System Description:

Head Unit: Most models came equipped with a CD player as standard, which could handle MP3 and WMA files. There was also an AM/FM radio tuner.

Connectivity: Bluetooth was gradually becoming a standard feature, enabling hands-free calls and music streaming. USB and AUX ports were also common, allowing users to play music from external devices.

Speakers: Depending on the trim level, the Double Cab would have either four or six speakers positioned throughout the cabin for an immersive listening experience.

Additional Features: Some higher-end models or variants might have included steering wheel controls, ensuring that the driver can change tracks, adjust volume, or accept calls without taking their hands off the wheel.

2. 2016-2018 Toyota Hilux Double Cab

Toyota upped the ante during this period, introducing a more modern and sophisticated infotainment system for the Hilux.

Audio System Description:

Head Unit: Touchscreen displays became standard. Ranging from 6.1 to 7 inches, these screens offered intuitive controls and improved visibility.

Connectivity: Bluetooth remained a standard feature, but the system now offered enhanced phone integration and even voice recognition in some models. The USB and AUX ports continued to offer external device connections.

Speakers: The number of speakers remained the same, but the sound quality saw improvements, with some higher-end models potentially featuring premium audio brands.

Additional Features: GPS navigation started to make its way into the infotainment system. With more sophisticated touch controls, drivers and passengers could easily navigate through various system functionalities.

3. 2019-2021 Toyota Hilux Double Cab

In this period, Toyota kept pace with rapid technological advancements in the automotive industry.

Audio System Description:

Head Unit: The touchscreen display was further refined, with sizes expanding up to 8 inches in some models. The interface was smoother, and the responsiveness was significantly improved.

Connectivity: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto became integral components, providing seamless smartphone integration. This allowed users to mirror their phone screens, access apps, and use voice commands via Siri or Google Assistant.

Speakers: Sound quality continued to enhance, with Toyota collaborating with premium audio brands for some models, providing richer bass and clearer treble.

Additional Features: Advanced voice recognition, satellite radio, and a more integrated GPS system were introduced.

4. 2022-Present Toyota Hilux Double Cab

With the ongoing evolution of technology, the most recent Hilux models have audio systems that rival luxury cars.

Audio System Description:

Head Unit: Ultra-modern touchscreens with high-resolution displays became the norm, making interaction even more enjoyable.

Connectivity: Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto started becoming more common, eliminating the need for physical cables. Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity also meant that multiple devices could be connected simultaneously.

Speakers: Depending on the trim, the Hilux could have up to eight speakers, including subwoofers for deeper bass. Sound optimization technology ensured that every passenger experienced unparalleled sound clarity.

Additional Features: Over-the-air updates became a crucial feature, ensuring that the infotainment system always remained up-to-date with the latest software. Advanced voice control, more comprehensive app integration, and even Wi-Fi connectivity options turned the Hilux into a mobile entertainment hub.


The Toyota Hilux Double Cab has witnessed substantial upgrades in its audio systems from 2011 to the present. While the truck remains a sturdy workhorse on the outside, inside, it offers a world of entertainment, connectivity, and technological advancements. As Toyota continues to innovate, we can only anticipate even more impressive features in the years to come.

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