What Speakers are in the Toyota Corolla Cross? Car Sound System Specs

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Corolla Cross Audio Systems

Toyota Corolla Cross Audio System (2)

Toyota Corolla Cross Audio System (2)

The Audio Systems in the Toyota Corolla Cross (2020-Present)

The Toyota Corolla Cross, a compact crossover, has made waves in the automotive world with its impressive design, performance, and features. One of the most notable components of this vehicle is the audio system. In the modern era, the driving experience is greatly enhanced by the quality of the in-car audio system. As we delve into the specific audio systems used in two different models of the Toyota Corolla Cross from 2020 to the present, we’ll uncover the technological advancements Toyota has incorporated to enhance the auditory experience of the driver and passengers.

Toyota Corolla Cross Standard Model (2020-Present)

Basic Overview: The standard Toyota Corolla Cross model, being an entry-level variant, comes equipped with a respectable audio system that’s designed to meet the general needs of an everyday driver.

Speakers: This variant typically houses a 6-speaker audio system. The layout includes two tweeters located on the dashboard, two front door speakers, and two rear door speakers. The distribution ensures a balanced audio spread throughout the cabin.

Multimedia Display: The standard model features a 7-inch touch screen display. This screen serves as the primary interface for audio, navigation, and some vehicle settings.

Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity is standard, allowing drivers and passengers to stream music, make hands-free calls, and access other smartphone functions. USB and auxiliary ports are also provided for direct device connection.

AM/FM Radio: As with most vehicles, AM and FM radio tuners are standard, allowing listeners to tune into their favorite local stations.

Additional Features: Voice recognition is available, providing drivers with hands-free control over the system. The system also incorporates automatic sound leveling, which adjusts the volume based on the vehicle’s speed to ensure consistent audio quality.

Toyota Corolla Cross Premium Model (2020-Present)

Basic Overview: The Premium model, being a higher-end variant of the Corolla Cross, incorporates an upgraded audio system. It’s designed for those who prioritize audio quality and additional features in their driving experience.

Speakers: The Premium model is enhanced with an 8-speaker system. In addition to the speakers found in the standard model, there are two additional speakers located in the rear parcel shelf area. This offers a deeper and richer soundstage, enhancing the audio experience.

Multimedia Display: A larger 8-inch touch screen display graces the dashboard of the Premium model. This offers clearer visuals, and the interface is often smoother with additional functionalities.

Connectivity: Beyond the standard Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary ports, the Premium model may offer advanced smartphone integration such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This integration allows users to seamlessly use apps from their phones on the car’s display.

AM/FM Radio and Satellite Radio: While the AM and FM tuners remain a standard, the Premium model often introduces satellite radio, giving listeners access to a wide range of stations from across the country.

Additional Features: The voice recognition system in the Premium model is usually more advanced, recognizing a wider range of commands. There might also be the addition of a premium brand partnership, like JBL, to further enhance audio quality.

Advanced Settings: To further refine the listening experience, the Premium model might come with an advanced equalizer setting, allowing users to adjust frequencies to their liking.


In the era of technological advancements, car manufacturers like Toyota recognize the importance of delivering top-notch auditory experiences to their customers. Whether you’re an audiophile or someone who simply enjoys good music on the go, the Toyota Corolla Cross offers systems across its models to suit varying needs. Whether one opts for the standard or splurges on the premium, there’s no denying that Toyota has made strides in ensuring the journey is always accompanied by a quality soundtrack.


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