What Speakers are in Toyota Prius V/ Prius+? Car Sound System Specs

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**Toyota Prius v/Prius+ Audio Systems: Echelons of Green Acoustics (2011-Present)**

Toyota Prius V Prius+

Toyota Prius V Prius+

The Toyota Prius v (known as Prius+ in European markets) can be seen as the bigger sibling to the classic Prius. Launched in 2011, it offered greater cargo space, making it an enticing option for those who wanted both eco-friendliness and practicality. However, the Prius v/Prius+ didn’t just expand in size; it also saw an evolution in its audio offerings. Let’s dive into the sound waves of this model, examining its auditory enhancements across two distinct phases from 2011 to the present.

### **1. 2011-2017: Embarking on an Acoustic Adventure**

As Toyota’s hybrid lineup extended its reach with the Prius v/Prius+, the carmaker ensured that the new variant was tuned into the needs of the modern driver, both in terms of performance and entertainment.

– **Base Audio Framework**: The Prius v/Prius+ initially greeted users with a six-speaker audio system. It encompassed an AM/FM radio, a CD player, and standard functionalities like MP3/WMA playback. This configuration provided a decently balanced soundstage for the average commuter.

– **Entune and Touch Tracer**: The multimedia system was graced with Toyota’s Entune suite, merging infotainment and app-based functionalities. The Touch Tracer display, a unique feature, allowed users to touch controls on the steering wheel and see them reflected on the instrument panel—ensuring eyes remained on the road.

– **Connectivity Essentials**: USB and auxiliary ports, as well as Bluetooth, were foundational. These features ensured various external devices could connect seamlessly, from thumb drives to smartphones. Bluetooth also facilitated hands-free calling and music streaming.

– **Navigation and Upgrades**: Higher trims or added packages brought in a navigation system, with voice recognition capabilities. The optional JBL GreenEdge system was the cherry on top for audiophiles. This system boasted eight speakers, an amplifier, and energy-efficient tech—harmonizing with the car’s eco-friendly ethos.

### **2. 2018-Present: Refining the Sonic Palette**

The later years of the Prius v/Prius+ saw Toyota fine-tuning the model’s offerings, including the audio experience, to match evolving consumer demands and technological advancements.

– **Screen Evolution**: A more responsive touchscreen interface became the norm. The system’s display was clearer, ensuring better visibility and intuitive control, enhancing user interaction with the audio features.

– **Advanced Connectivity**: Recognizing the integral role of smartphones in contemporary life, Toyota further streamlined Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This allowed for the mirroring of smartphone interfaces, providing direct access to preferred apps, playlists, and navigation tools.

– **Sound Customization**: Toyota began offering more control over the acoustic experience, with customizable equalizer settings. This allowed drivers and passengers to adjust audio profiles according to their preferences—be it jazz, rock, or podcasts.

– **Safety Integrations**: As safety became more intertwined with multimedia, the audio system played a role in features like parking assist. Auditory alerts and cues became crucial feedback mechanisms, ensuring safe maneuvering in tight spaces.

### **The Green Soundscape**:

The Prius v/Prius+ offers an intriguing blend of environmental consciousness and modern technology. This philosophy extends to its audio system as well. Each note, whether from a radio station or a Spotify playlist, is delivered with clarity, ensuring that drives are accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. But beyond entertainment, the audio system in the Prius v/Prius+ plays a role in safety, connectivity, and enhancing the overall driving experience.

From 2011 to the present, the Toyota Prius v/Prius+ has ensured that its passengers are cocooned in a world of sound that resonates with quality, clarity, and innovation. As the vehicle cruises silently on electric power, the audio system fills the void, making each journey memorable. Looking forward, as the automotive world increasingly shifts towards sustainable solutions, the interplay of green technology and immersive acoustics, as seen in the Prius v/Prius+, will be a symphony many will want to tune into.

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