What Speakers Does Toyota Corolla Use? Car Sound System Specs

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Corolla Audio System Evolut

Toyota Corolla Audio Systems (1)

Toyota Corolla Audio Systems (1)

The Evolution of Audio Systems in the Toyota Corolla: 2007 to 2021

Toyota Corolla, a hallmark of durability and reliability, has been a favorite for many around the world. As technology has advanced, so has the in-car entertainment, turning the journey from just a ride to an experience. From 2007 onwards, Toyota has considerably enhanced the Corolla’s audio systems. Here, we delve into the specific audio systems used in various Toyota Corolla models over this period.

1. 2007-2013: Ninth and Tenth Generation Corolla

Basic Setup: For the base model during this period, Corolla offered a simple AM/FM radio with a CD player. It could read MP3 files and had an auxiliary audio input jack for portable music players.

Advanced Setup: Higher trims, like the S and XRS, came with a more advanced audio system, which included steering wheel controls for volume and station change. Some versions offered Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for hands-free phone usage and streaming audio from compatible devices.

2. 2014-2018: Eleventh Generation Corolla

Toyota started pushing the boundaries in this period.

Entune Audio: Starting from this generation, Toyota introduced its Entune Audio system in Corollas. The base models came with the Entune Audio system, which had a 6.1-inch touch-screen display, AM/FM CD player, six speakers, an auxiliary audio jack, a USB 2.0 port with iPod connectivity and control, advanced voice recognition, and Bluetooth hands-free phone capability, phone book access, and music streaming.

Entune Audio Plus and Premium: Higher trims would have the Entune Audio Plus, which added satellite radio and HD radio. The top-tier option, Entune Premium Audio, added integrated navigation and the Entune App Suite, which allowed integration with popular apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more.

3. 2019-2020: Twelfth Generation Corolla

Standard Audio System: The twelfth generation made significant strides. The base model came with a 7-inch touch-screen, six speakers, Siri Eyes Free, Apple CarPlay (a significant addition), Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, a USB port, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Audio Plus and Premium: Upgrading to the Audio Plus package, users got an 8-inch touch screen and satellite radio. With the Premium option, the JBL sound system came into play, boasting nine speakers, including a subwoofer and an amplifier.

4. 2021-Present: The Current Era

With the infusion of more technology, Toyota continued to make the Corolla’s audio system state-of-the-art.

Base Audio System: Standard features include a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto (finally introduced), Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, two USB ports, and a six-speaker stereo.

Advanced Audio System: For the upper trims or by upgrading the package, users can enjoy an 8-inch touch screen, satellite radio, HD Radio, and the premium JBL sound system with nine speakers.


The audio systems in the Toyota Corolla have come a long way since 2007. From basic AM/FM radios to sophisticated systems with touch screens, app integration, and premium sound quality, Toyota has ensured that passengers not only reach their destinations but enjoy the journey too. As the world of technology continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for in-car entertainment in models like the Corolla.

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