What Speakers are in the Toyota Yaris Sedan? Car Sound System Specs

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Yaris Sedan Audio Evolution

Toyota Yaris Sedan Audio Systems

Toyota Yaris Sedan Audio Systems

Toyota Yaris Sedan Audio Systems: A Dive from 2016 to the Present

The Toyota Yaris Sedan, known for its economical price tag, fuel efficiency, and city-friendly dimensions, has undergone various updates since its inception. While its mechanical components and safety features are often discussed, the car’s audio system — a crucial element in enhancing the driving experience — usually doesn’t get the limelight it deserves. Let’s delve into the specific audio systems used in two models of the Toyota Yaris Sedan from 2016 onwards.

2016-2018 Toyota Yaris Sedan Audio System:

The 2016-2018 models of the Toyota Yaris Sedan came with a fundamental yet sufficiently competent sound system.


Display: These models had a 7-inch touch screen display which was quite an upgrade from previous versions.

Sources: Drivers and passengers could enjoy AM/FM radio, a CD player, an auxiliary port, and a USB 2.0 port for iPod connectivity and charging.

Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless technology was included, allowing hands-free phone calls and music streaming.

Speakers: A 6-speaker system provided decent audio coverage. While it might not cater to an audiophile’s precise needs, it was more than sufficient for the average listener.

Steering Wheel Controls: Mounted audio controls allowed the driver to adjust the sound without taking their hands off the steering wheel. This was an essential safety feature.

2019-Present Toyota Yaris Sedan Audio System:

As with all technology, audio systems evolve over time. The 2019 and subsequent models of the Yaris Sedan bore witness to this evolution.


Display: The 7-inch touchscreen remained a constant. However, the interface and responsiveness received improvements, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Sources: The CD player, which seemed to be waning in popularity due to the rise of digital music, was phased out. In its place, a more advanced infotainment system was incorporated. It provided access to AM/FM radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity continued to be a staple, but the system’s compatibility with smartphones increased manifold thanks to the aforementioned Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These platforms allowed users to mirror certain apps from their smartphones, including navigation and popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Speakers: The 6-speaker setup persisted, but improvements in sound quality and clarity were noticeable. There was a more balanced sound distribution and richer bass.

Voice Recognition: Modern models boasted an advanced voice recognition system. This hands-free approach allowed drivers to make calls, send texts, get directions, and play their favorite songs without any physical contact.


The progression in audio technology in the Toyota Yaris Sedan over the years reflects the broader shifts in consumer expectations and technological advancements. While the earlier models had commendable features, the modern versions offer a more integrated and seamless experience, perfectly aligned with today’s digital age.

The focus has shifted from just playing music to offering a more holistic in-car entertainment experience. With voice recognition and smartphone integration, the latest Yaris Sedan models ensure that the driver remains connected without compromising on safety.

The audio system, though often overlooked, is integral to a complete driving experience. Toyota, through its iterations of the Yaris Sedan, has shown a commitment to staying updated with the times, ensuring that drivers don’t just reach their destinations but enjoy the journey as well.

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